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Host Requirements

Type Host Requirement Explanation
User A user (hyperscale_os) with the following permissions are required:
  • Should have permissions to install docker and docker-compose.
  • Should be part of the ‘docker’ OS group or must have the permission to run docker and docker-compose commands.
  • Permission to run mount, unmount, mkdir and rmdir as a super-user with NOPASSWD.
  • Should have either GID=50 and/or UID=65436.
This will be a primary user responsible to install and operate the Hyperscale Compliance.
Installation Directory There must be a directory on the Hyperscale Compliance Engine host where the Hyperscale Compliance can be installed. This is a directory where the Hyperscale Compliance tar archive file will be placed and extracted. The extracted artifacts will include docker images(tar archive files) and a configuration file(docker-compose.yaml) that will be used to install the Hyperscale Compliance.
Log File Directory An optional directory to place log files. This directory (can be configured via docker-compose.yaml configuration file) will host the runtime/log files of the Hyperscale Compliance Engine.
NFS Client Services NFS client services must be enabled on the host. NFS client service is required to be able to mount an NFS shared storage from where the Hyperscale Compliance Engine will be able to read the source files and write the target files. For more information, see NFS Server Installation.
Hardware Requirements Minimum:
8 vCPU, 16 GB of memory, 100GB data disk.

16 vCPU, 128GB of memory, 500GB data disk.
OS disk space: 50 GB