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Fixed Issues

This section describes the issues fixed in Hyperscale Compliance.

Release 4.1.0

Key Summary
HM-1155 Diagnosibility: How do I tell which masking job on the masking engine relates to the failed message on the HS Jobs API status
HM-1168 The error text in Post Load failures is misleading/unclear
HM-1191 Optimization: We should execute Select Count (*) in parallel to Oracle Unload process. It could take a significant amount of time to count data in large tables as well as 1000 of objects.
HM-1201 Unable to import a ruleset with 5000 tables to the HS 4.0, getting an error message.
HM-1210 While trying to process a HS job for 5000 table schema, ran out of oracle cursor and then the SQLite database locked up.
HM-1265 Oracle - Any index on a column having no constraint on it, is not getting dropped
HM-1334 Can’t drop index, because index is not owned by the user we used to connect.
HM-1378 Oracle - Load service needs to include index owner name when attempting to modify/rebuild partition indexes owned by different db user

Release 4.0.0

Key Summary
HM-177 Able to POST /hyperscale-masking/jobs with min job memory > max job memory
HM-530 POST/PUT request dataSet API error response received with empty/missing/invalid ‘source’/’target’ object/values can be improved
HM-754 POST/PUT connector jdbc_url, username, password should be mandatory for oracle load and unload service
HM-789 Error message upon not setting ‘ssl’ field to False indicates ‘insecure_ssl’ property which no longer exists in the schema
HM-858 Status of sub task coming wrong when overall execution failed
HM-932 Suppress the password message for controller log
HM-1138 The description in the swagger doesn’t match the API call
HM-1140 The error needs more information to diagnose a connector issue.


Key Summary
HM-858 Status of sub task coming wrong when overall execution failed
HM-873 Intermittently there is a mismatch in loaded_rows displayed in load task vs the actual rows loaded in target table
HM-915 Load: driver support plugin throws ORA-02297: cannot disable constraint - dependencies exist error for foreign key

Release 3.0.0

Key Summary
HM-294 Updated file format is not POST’ed on the Continuous Compliance Engine if file format name is same