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Upgrading the Hyperscale Compliance Engine


Before upgrade, make sure that you have downloaded the Hyperscale Compliance tar bundle from the Delphix Download website.

How to Upgrade the Hyperscale Compliance Engine

Perform the following steps to upgrade the Hyperscale Compliance Engine from 3.0.0.x/ to version version:

  1. Run cd /<hyperscale_installation_path>/ && docker-compose down to stop and remove all the running containers. For example, cd /home/delphix/hyperscale-masking/ && docker-compose down
  2. Run docker rmi -f $(docker images -q) to delete all the existing images.
  3. Remove all files or folders from existing installation directories, except docker-compose.yaml (Keep its backup outside the installation directory so that its not overridden while executing the next step).
  4. Untar the patch tar in your existing installation path.

    tar -xzvf delphix-hyperscale-masking- -C <existing_installation_path>

  5. Replace the docker-compose.yaml supplied with the bundle file as per the following:

    • For users upgrading from 3.0.0.x: Use the docker-compose.yaml file supplied with the bundle and add the same ‘volumes’ and/or any other properties (if configured) for each container referencing the backed up docker-compose.yaml from step 3.
    • For users upgrading from Replace the docker-compose.yaml file supplied with the bundle with the docker-compose.yaml file that you created a backup at Step 3.
  6. In the .env file supplied with the bundle, set the VERSION property as (i.e VERSION=

  7. Run the below commands to load the images:

    docker load --input controller-service.tar
    docker load --input unload-service.tar
    docker load --input masking-service.tar
    docker load --input load-service.tar
    docker load --input proxy.tar
  8. Run docker-compose up -d to create containers.

  9. Make sure all your mount(s) are configured and accessible, before running a job.


    Existing data remains intact after the patch installation.